Greg Crandell

Greg Crandell provides strategy, market planning, and customer experience management consulting to financial technology firms and their clients – Credit Unions and Banks. For more years than he wishes to admit, Greg has worked to create and deliver both products and services to Consumer Financial Institutions. Greg led the development and launch of online banking products, one of the first web-based debit products, and several digital marketing and document storage/delivery services. Prior to building and launching products for Credit Union use, Greg worked in Credit Unions, association management, and led the strategy, sales and marketing, and correspondent banking group for the nation’s largest Corporate Credit Union. Early in his career, Greg taught high school and university students. You can connect with Greg on LinkedIn or contact Greg at

Kirk Wright

Kirk Wright helps managers develop strategy and actionable plans in marketing, product, and customer experience management. Building on years of experience in consumer banking Kirk made a mid-career change to a technology company. As a senior manager in financial institutions Kirk was developing products and the plans to take them to market. As a technology executive he continued that work leading the delivery of innovative solutions to many Bank and Credit Union clients. Kirk led one firm from start-up to IPO, and beyond. Working in financial technology Kirk developed a taste for the innovation and energy of start up companies where he has focused his consulting work over the past decade. His foundational experience in operations and marketing, aided by semesters in Peter Drucker’s classroom set him on a path of advising companies on planning, strategy and market development. You can connect with Kirk via LinkedIn or contact Kirk at